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Jl. Reog No. 39, Kel. Turangga,Kec.Lengkong Bandung, Jawa Barat 40264

Job Description

Jobdesk :

  • Design and implement a firmware for IoT device;
  • Hardware prototyping and create proof of concept;
  • Documenting design decision and progress;
  • Make suggestion and review on hardware design;
  • Interacting and collaborating on a daily basis with product teams and fellow engineers;


  • Experienced with C/C++ & Python programming
  • Experienced with ESP32, ESP8266 microcontroller, using both arduino and ESP-IDF Framework;
  • Familiar with git,github, VSCode, ;
  • Able to read and review electronic schematic;
  • Experienced with sensors & actuators.
  • Understand various wired communication interface such as: SPI, I2C, Serial, RS-485;
  • Understand communication / messaging protocol like MQTT, rabbitmq & kafka.

Bonus point:

  • if you ever done complex control system;
  • familiar with multi thread RTOS like freeRTOS.
  • Experienced with non-volatile storage device like SD Card, or SPI Flash Memory;
  • Experienced with wireless technology such as: WiFi, BLE, LoRa;
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