Since 2017, we have been delivering solutions to government departments, army corps, financial institutions and businesses and we have been helping leading technology innovators build their software/hardware products.



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Connectivity for each device to be integrated

Rastek SmartBox IoT Platform is Telkom Indonesia’s IoT Platform. Rastek SmartBox IoT Platform allows customers to use Rastek SmartBox capabilities and features according to their needs. Rastek SmartBox IoT Platform is internationally certified by OneM2M and accommodates international protocols and technical standards to ensure interoperability and seamless connectivity for each device to be integrated.

    Why Rastek SmartBox ?
    become the one-top in IoT device


    All communications are transmitted over an encrypted path. Everything is set so that our services are reliable, real-time and safe on the Secure Transport Layer.


    Let us manage your infrastructure 24/7. Focus yourself on the ideas and services that you want to build.

    Various Device

    Rastek SmartBox supports a variety of devices including Arduino, ESP, Android, Raspberry Pi, and various programming languages.

    Open API

    You can control your application not only through the dashboard, but also through the APIs provided.